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Best in show day

Show Day 20% Lamb Creep DX

Getting young lambs off to a good start is critical whether you are a commercial producer or a show stock breeder. When an ewe’s milk is not enough to support her growing lambs, offering your lambs a highly palatable creep feed that closes this nutritional gap 

is crucial. When lambs are short of any one or more of the critical nutrients (energy, protein, vitamin, and minerals), their health and growth are likely to suffer. Show Day 20% Lamb Creep DX contains all the essential nutrients to strengthen immunity, maintain health, and allow genetically superior lambs to perform to their maximum potential.

Key Product Benefits

Macro- and Micro-Nutrient Fortification
Specially formulated to provide the carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins growing lambs require to achieve their genetic potential. Properly fortified for the natural variation which occurs between lambs when consuming creep feeds.

Improved Gut Health
The proprietary combination of decoquinate, Stealth 5®, and Aromax technology work in complimentary fashion to reduce pathogen load, support digestive function, and enhance gut development.

Sale Day AppearanceHealthy, high performing lambs stand out in the pen or on sale day. Show Day Lamb Creep provides your lambs with the right amount of bloom and added shine that will net you dollars on sale day.

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