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Early Wean Starter:
5 days of age to 2 weeks post-weaning (80-140 lbs)
Early Wean Grower: Post-weaning to 300 lbs (140-300 lbs)
Intensity Calf Concentrate w/ Stealth: (80-500 lbs)
Stress Lic Tub: (300 lbs to Show Ring)
Dairy Heifer Framer: 500 lbs and up

T.E.N. (Timed Event Nutrition)
Developed to provide the essential nutrients that help promote and support important stages of animal health, nutrition and development.  T.E.N. products are designed to coincide with stages of development, and are intended to complement a nutrition plan.

Hydro-Lac® MS: Ideal for show animals to ensure quick rehydration and stimulate appetite when cattle are under stress.  Extremely palatable, in a pellet form, can be fed to all livestock species.
Bovine BlueLite®: Rehydration formula providing buffered electroyltes, water soluble vitamins, and multiple sources of energy.  Flavored to enhance livestock intake.  Can be fed to cattle, goats, and sheep.
ProMax Multi: Paste containing live (viable) lactic acid bacteria and vitamins to help improve digestion and immune function.  Helps replenish gut bacteria during times of shipping, handling, or other stressful events.
Sci-Mic Boluses: A Direct-fed Microbial (DFM) to keep livestock on feed during periods of stress.  Available in two sizes: CB for young calves or BC for mature cattle. 

Contact your Form-A-Feed representative to develop a Show Day Show Feeds program for your livestock project from start to the winner's circle.