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Grand Finale 17% Goat Grow Fin:
Complete texturized feed developed for use from 50 lbs to show (50 lbs and up)
38% Goat Concentrate: Pelleted supplement formulated for custom user option only, from 6 lbs to Show Ring ready (6 lbs and up)

T.E.N. (Timed Event Nutrition)
Developed to provide the essential nutrients that help promote and support important stages of animal health, nutrition and development.  T.E.N. products are designed to coincide with stages of development, and are intended to complement a nutrition plan.

Lamb & Kid Restart One-4®:
Formulated with highly digestible sources of energy which are readily absorbed and metabolized.  Source of essential nutrients for energy deficient young lambs or kids.
Sheep & Goat BlueLite®: Helps offset dehydration, shipping stress, and energy losses during transport and lactation.  a source of highly absorbed nutrients provided during periods of stress.
ProMax Multi: Paste containing live (viable) lactic acid bacteria and vitamins to help improve digestion and immune function.  Helps replenish gut bacteria during times of shipping, handling, or other stressful events.
Contact your Form-A-Feed representative to develop a Show Day Show Feeds program for your livestock project from start to the winner's circle.